Build A SharePoint Intranet That Your Employees Love

SharePoint is the undisputed king of Employee Intranets, but if its not deployed with your unique business needs in mind, it can lead to dissatisfaction and disengagement. Tenacra has the expertise to turn your SharePoint Intranet from awful to awesome with custom branding, cloud access, powerful automated workflows, modern communication tools, and centralized document management.
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Custom Branding

Tenacra can modernize your SharePoint Intranet with custom branding that reflects your company, including colors, logos, content, and seamless integration with your core company systems to tie all your data together. 

sharepoint automation

SharePoint Workflows

Tenacra can implement customized SharePoint Workflows that automate and simplify common tasks like data gathering, approvals, and more, so you can eliminate piles of paper, emails, lost data and broken business processes. 

sharepoint automation

SharePoint Training and Support

Turn your teams into modern SharePoint experts with Tenacra’s world class SharePoint training. And when training isn’t enough, Tenacra is always available to support you when needed.

SharePoint Branding

Capture and express your company brand identity with a branded Employee Intranet built for your organization. Tenacra will work with you to design a beautiful intranet that delivers increased productivity and vastly improved employee engagement.

Document Management

Eliminate the headaches of managing all of your current employee documents. Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy to store, manage, find, and collaborate over any document, anywhere in the world. Powerful metadata management simplifies tagging and discovery, and secure user permissions ensures the right people have access to their data only.

SharePoint Intranets provide the ultimate in document management capabilities. We promise your employees will agree.

Business Process Automation

Modern Employee Intranets are more than just a place to find team birthdays. Today, workflow automation, driven by tools like Power apps, give you are your teams the ability to simply automate any digital process, transforming your intranet from an employee portal to a center of productivity for your global team. Tenacra is your expert SharePoint Business Process Automation partner.

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