Our Microsoft Power Platform Automation Quickly Turns Ideas Into High Impact Solutions

The Microsoft Power Platform is a premier set of business tools built built to rapidly harness your vital data. Automate critical workflows, gain powerful business intelligence data, and easily deploy incredible, light applications that will transform your modern enterprise. It's time to experience these valuable benefits with our Microsoft Power Platform automation & migration services.

The Advantages of Microsoft Power Platform Migration & Automation

Power BI

The insights you need to grow your business are hidden in disparate data sources throughout your company. Microsoft Power BI, brought to you by Tenacra, is the ideal business intelligence solution to help you make more informed decisions based on data-driven insights. It turns data into information, and presents it in an interface built for decision makers, helping to paint a complete visual picture of the past, current and future state of your enterprise.

Power Apps

Power Apps enable your organization to quickly turn new ideas into powerful solutions without the need for heavy coding. Connect business critical data and systems, and empower your employees to solve problems through apps they can build themselves.

Power Automate

Power automate gives you the ability to automate simple or complex everyday processes, leading to increased productivity, and letting your valuable teams focus on what they do best. Power automate is a scalable solution for simplification of your business workflows, replacing repetitive tasks with AI driven workflows that will improve team performance and engagement and immediately generate value for your business.

Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, brought to you by Tenacra, enable the easy production of virtual chatbots to engage your employees and customers anywhere. With no coding required, Power Virtual Agents can rapidly respond to any urgent needs with sophisticated AI capable of resolving issues and answering questions at any time of day, anywhere.

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