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Automate your work processes and improve efficiency with Microsoft Power Automate services. Desktop Flow – part of the Power Automate solution – streamlines the automation of repetitive routine tasks, making businesses more efficient with their employees’ time and resources. Microsoft Power Automate’s Desktop flow tracks step-by-step actions of keyboard usage, mouse clicks, and data entry before replicating those actions into smart workflows that activate when required. As a leading robotic process automation company, Tenacra is here to support making RPA and Power Automate work for business operations from our Calgary-based team for cities across North America including Edmonton and Vancouver. 

Increase Effectiveness
& Efficiency
Power Automate for desktop will make it simple for your business to streamline minor tasks, freeing up time for your employees.
Costly Errors
RPA reduces human errors, impacting your resources and bottom line. This can help safeguard security, privacy and data loss, minimizing costly expenses to restore your systems.
Focus Team
on High-End Tasks
Free your team from working on repetitive and time-consuming tasks with our RPA solutions.
Improve Performance
& Productivity
With free time to perform higher-valued projects and minimal human and costly errors, employees will improve their workplace performance and productivity.
We are ready to transform your business for the better
Establish a digital workplace, enhance team collaboration and improve performance and productivity with our Microsoft 365 experts.
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We Offer 365 Degrees Of Efficiency & Excellence

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Our expertise in RPA will help your employees automate low-end tasks, opening up more time for them to focus on more important, higher-valued projects.

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With expertise, experience and knowledge, our team can help provide your management and employees with robust training that improves their Microsoft 365 skills.

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We can migrate your current system into the cloud. This results in your employees having access to the tool anywhere, any time.

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We can enhance your team’s communication and collaboration by establishing a secure, safe and welcoming Intranet that works for your business.

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Our team has the experience to bring together all your Microsoft 365 apps under one umbrella, so your team can connect and support each other more efficiently.

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We understand that each business has different requirements. That's why we customize solutions to your needs, providing a system that works best for you.

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workflow automation

Contact our company for consultation when you’re ready to transform your business. We’ll discuss your operations and how our automation services can improve them.


We’ll develop your Microsoft 365 processes based on your company’s needs and goals, explaining how they’ll address any concerns and enhance improvements.


We never stop supporting our clients. Our team is here to help, maintain and enhance your Microsoft operations, so your business is always going forward.


Our team will integrate your unique automation processes smoothly and seamlessly into your digital workplace. We’ll support your team with training if required.

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BPA vs RPA Companies:
What’s the Difference?

Although business process automation and robotic process automation are similar, there are differences between the two. The former is larger and more complex in scope, deploys automation for multistep processes and requires analysis and improvements. On the other hand, RPA uses specific software to create automated, rules-based, “robotic” functions to perform high-volume, repetitive tasks while reducing costs in the long term. However, RPA can be integrated within BPA platforms to enhance automation processes. As a BPA and RPA company, our team can handle all requests while merging both systems to create a powerful platform for your business to operate.


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At Tenacra, we’ve established ourselves as leading experts in Business Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation. We know how to take advantage of this powerful, cloud-based tool to streamline your business, making it smarter, faster, and better. We’ve achieved this high level of service due to our continual desire to learn and push the boundaries of this tool, using it for major organizations across the country. Automate your workflows and save time, money, and resources while improving your productivity and performance with Microsoft Power Automate and robotic process automation services. Start transforming your business today by contacting us.

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