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Powerful, Calgary-Based Microsoft 365 Automation for Companies

Transform your business by utilizing the most powerful tool available with Microsoft 365. Highly secure and easy to use with cloud-based access to the latest versions of key Microsoft programs, Microsoft 365 can significantly improve your workplace’s collaboration and productivity. With Tenacra’s experience and knowledge, we can help modernize your business with our Microsoft 365 automation services. By working together, our Calgary-based team can bring your organization situated in cities across North America including Edmonton and Vancouver under this large digital ecosystem so it works for your business’ individual needs and delivers the results you want .

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Connect to Vital Microsoft Apps

Microsoft 365 allows your employees to get work done fast and effectively. Make use of traditional Office 365 apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) as well as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and many more. You can further optimize your Microsoft 365 experience by connecting it with your Microsoft Power Platform.

Flexible Plans

There’s a Microsoft 365 plan for every business. Depending on your operation’s needs, you can find the right financial and efficient plan that drives innovation for your team. When your business grows bigger, you can scale it by updating your plan to one that suits your expansion.

Cost-Effective for All Organizations

Microsoft 365 offers organizations of all sizes the chance to save resources and finances while streamlining operations with a single productivity solution. Businesses can save on Microsoft 365 migration and automation, consolidate vendor expenditure and reduce the cost of security threats or risks.

Be Productive Across the Globe

Your employees and management can stay connected and get work done anywhere and anytime, thanks to Microsoft 365. As a leading BPA and RPA company, we can streamline your Microsoft 365 operations so your team can chat, call and host meetings, share important documents and information on the cloud and collaborate effectively as a group should.

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Establish a digital workplace, enhance team collaboration and improve performance and productivity with our Microsoft 365 experts.

We Offer 365 Degrees Of Efficiency & Excellence

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Streamline your business processes and ensure accessibility and accountability. We can improve your workflow, resulting in a more productive business and higher revenue generation.

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Our talented team is experienced in big and small business automation and is ready to provide exceptional training to match your staff's skills to the technology. Your team will be able to manage all automation systems.

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As a leading workflow automation company, we can help bring your systems into the cloud for faster access, anytime and anywhere, instantly enhancing productivity and communication.

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By designing, implementing and supporting you with a corporate Intranet, we encourage communication and collaboration within your organization, developing and fostering a productive workplace environment.

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We bring all the elements of your Microsoft 365 platform together to ensure a seamless workplace. The result connects and supports your team as your business grows.

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Each business requires systems that enhance its unique operations specifically. We can build a system that meets your specific business needs.

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workflow automation

Contact our business automation experts company to discuss your current operations and future goals. We’ll explain how we can help your business.


Taking information gathered from our discovery, our experienced team will develop your Microsoft 365 processes, helping to resolve any problems you might have. 


Our work never stops. We’re here to support, maintain and upgrade your custom Microsoft solutions as requested, so your organization is always future-proof.


We’ll implement your automated Microsoft 365 processes smoothly and seamlessly into your business’s digital workplace while training your team and answering any questions.

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