SharePoint The King of Intranets

SharePoint - The Undisputed King of Intranets

Believe it or not, SharePoint is the absolute BEST technology that you can choose for your corporate employee intranet. But if you are a SharePoint Intranet end-user, you are probably not a fan, and this may be for good reason! SharePoint’s poor reputation is well earned. Out of the box deployments of SharePoint Intranets are often handled as afterthoughts, deployed without the business in mind.

SharePoint isn’t new.  I remember the first time I saw it, more than 2 decades ago, as the intranet portal at a Calgary call-center.  I remember it.  It was without a doubt the most useless piece of technology I could find on my already very limited work system, and I didn’t use it unless I was forced. Sound familiar?

There is a very good chance you have SharePoint already. Microsoft does a good job of making sure that’s the case.  You might even already use SharePoint for your company intranet.  Maybe you have a new hire in HR or in marketing who keeps it up to date with company announcements and birthdays.

Your current SharePoint may be just enough to get the job done, but I am here to tell you, there is a better way.  And that way… is SharePoint (What?!?!?)

SharePoint has come a long way since my first experience with the technology.  SharePoint has evolved, and it now sits at the center of the modern digital collaboration technology stack, integrating with critical systems, providing ubiquitous document sharing, and connecting remote employees with the data and tools they need to be successful, even when working from thousands of miles away. 

SharePoint is now the undisputed king of modern employee intranets, and here are 3 reasons why you should consider it, and the M365 technology stack, as you transform your digital organization.

1. Make SharePoint Your Own

SharePoint is as flexible a technology as you can get, giving you the ability to brand it as your own, expand it as you grow, and customize it when your business needs evolve.

Your company is unique, and your intranet should reflect that. SharePoint gives you the ability to apply customized company branding and user-centric interfaces, turning its stock look and feel into a central company portal that aligns with your employer brand.  You can customize the SharePoint experience right down to the user level, giving individual employees or departments targeted content suitable for their needs. Giving your teams content that is curated for them will lead directly to increased productivity, and improved employee engagement.

One Company.

One SharePoint.

2. Collaborate & Share With SharePoint

SharePoint is your collaboration gateway, taking the communication and social experience of technologies like Teams and Yammer, and embedding them into a single, combined intranet experience. Beyond communication, SharePoint’s incredible document management and sharing capabilities make it simple to distribute and collaborate on important company files from anywhere. 

One SharePoint. 

One collaboration hub.

3. Integrate Everything With SharePoint

Today’s businesses have data everywhere.  From critical HR systems to email, excel and more, company data is spread throughout the organization, and teams are spending countless hours chasing it around. Today, SharePoint features thousands of ready to use, built in workflows, available via Power Automate. These automations transform regular employees into power users by connecting data and flows from a plethora of systems including SalesforceBambooHR, HubSpotGoogle, and of course, Office 365.

SharePoint integrates with everything, centralizing documents and automated workflows, and giving it the potential to be the central hub for your connected enterprise. 

One SharePoint.  

One stop for business-critical data.

In Summary....

SharePoint is the old and new undisputed king of intranets. If you aren’t seeing these same benefits, it could be because you are still forcing your teams to work with a legacy deployment that was never modelled around the priorities of your business and your teams.  It is time to give SharePoint a shot, and Tenacra can help!  We love SharePoint.  Partner with us, and you will too!

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