Expert Microsoft Teams Automation,
Deployment and Support

Microsoft Teams is the world's premier software for project collaboration. From group chat and document storage, to web conferences and audio calls, Tenacra's expertise in Microsoft Teams automation will help ensure your teams are productive and engaged at all times.

Microsoft Teams For Businesses By Tenacra

Project Communication

From short scrums, to project debriefs, Microsoft Teams for businesses delivered by Tenacra will make managing project communication and collaboration easier than ever. Teams allows you manage all invitees, record meetings, track attendance and more, all from a single integrated environment.

Digital Collaboration

Your globally diverse teams need powerful collaboration tools more than ever. From meetings and projects to unhindered video meetings, give them the ability to collaborate from anywhere with powerful Microsoft 365 technologies delivered by Tenacra.

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Microsoft Teams Automation Deployment and Updates

From technical deployment to user adoption and change management, Tenacra's proven processes for Microsoft Teams deployment will ensure your investment is implemented securely, and adopted broadly across your enterprise.

Effective Collaboration

With Microsoft Teams your company will enjoy real time collaboration with voice and video chat, and seamless integration with the entire suite of Microsoft 365 applications including word, excel, SharePoint, Yammer and more.

Security and Governance

Microsoft teams offers complete end-to-end security, including full administrative controls, user and team management, and multi-factor authentication. The Microsoft 365 tool set also offers conditional access policies and robust cloud security with Azure.

Change Management

Start your transformation off right. Tenacra offers a set of tools and a proven framework for organizational change management that will help ensure your investment delivers value across your company and within your timelines and budget.

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